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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Research

Process tools for evidence-policy transfer in Indigenous-mainstream primary health care partnerships (2006-2008)

Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute ($313,000)

Jeffrey Fuller, Megan Passey & Wendy Hermeston

The evidence-policy transfer in two programs related to different chronic conditions (mental health and diabetes) will be examined.

Each case study involves links between an Aboriginal health service and mainstream private and public health care services that operate under a state system of area health governance. Comparative case analysis will be used to examine the development, sustainability and transferability of Indigenous and mainstream primary health care partnership programs into policy.

Action research using network analysis and role clarification will be used to engage the stakeholders, who will include service delivery staff and managers, area health specialists and directors, state health policy officers and community representatives. In both cases, networks will be bound to the information sharing, client servicing and resource links between local Aboriginal and mainstream health services, area health and the state health department. Within-case and cross-case analysis of qualitative and quantitative data will provide evidence about the use of network analysis and role clarification tools by the partner stakeholders to develop and sustain each partnership.

The case findings will then be considered against a relevant systematic literature review to inform policy. This analysis will illustrate how these tools helped to facilitate transfer of evidence about the partnerships into policy for wider application. The outcome will be tried process tools that can be used for evidence-policy transfer in Indigenous-mainstream primary health care partnerships.

Mental  Health Site Report

Diabetes Community Report

Diabetes Site Report


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